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Originally place for a gamekeeper, now a special spot known as the Vango Wonderland. With any luck you might encounter a hare, a fox, a lynx or perhaps a hobbit. They say even mermaids have been spotted. Here you can wander the forests and open your ears and heart to hear the voices of the trees. You might also want to spend your time going to sauna, swimming, having a picnic or playing volleyball. Some take time here to celebrate a birthday, some to organize a seminar. Some choose to take a few gracious yoga poses to greet the sun, others prefer sunbathing in a boat on a little lake and sing along to birds. Whatever brings you to Vango, we are eager to hear from you.

Sleeps: approx. 55+ beds



is a house in Vango Wonderland that brings together many. Sometimes it is for celebrations, sometimes for study, but at times also for physical or spiritual development. Everyone has a special place in the Heart.

Capacity: Depends on how to use the room.

Additional info: The building has toilets, big kitchen and a walk-in fridge. Previously used as a threshing barn.


Moon Chamber

lies on the side of the little lake and gazes up to the moon. This romantic dwelling is full of cute chambers and its heart is the luminous Moon Room. Moon Room is known for being difficult to leave. So strong can be the pull of the moon.

Sleeps: 15 ppl

Additional info: Old renovated log house that has a three and four-bed room upstairs and two-bed rooms downstairs. Events for approx. 20 ppl can be organized in the Moon Room.


Garner of the Smart Oak

is an ancient house that offers support to every visitor. You might receive great wisdom if you know how to address the Time. It is recommended to ponder about great ideas on the berm of the Garner of the Smart Oak.

Sleeps: first floor has 4 two-bed rooms, second floor has 2 six-bed rooms.


Fairy Hut

lies very close to the Heart. They say spirits often visit to see and hear whether people there breathe in tone with nature. Some spirits are said to spend the night to watch over the dreams of those who sleep. 

Sleeps: 10 beds

Additional info: Old small garner that has a toilet and cool water.


Garden of Sounds

is a place where ears can be caressed with music and feet can be woken up by the rhythm. Hundreds can have jolly time there and with good weather you can frolic around the bonfire. Opposite the Garden of Sounds, there is a dreamy stage that makes your vocal chords vibrate on its own.

Capacity: A few hundred, they say.

Additional info: 5 toilets and a small bar


Journeyer’s Sauna

is a place where every journeyer ends up at some point. It’s a place for relaxation or having a meal in front of the fireplace. Before taking up a new journey, this sauna should be paid a visit to. They say the journey will be more beautiful and road to destination shorter if you visit Journeyer’s sauna beforehand.

Sleeps: 11 beds on the second floor, and sofa beds downstairs.

Additional info:  hot tub on the sauna terrace is a perfect place to admire the starry sky.


Water Guardian’s Smoke Sauna

is a very mystical place. You can really hear the Call of the Wild there and everyday worries just vanish. Water Guardian surrounds from four directions as the sauna is built on an island. They say at times the sauna grows legs and tweaks a bit. Who knows…

Capacity: 5 ppl

Additional info: Washing can be done in the lake or using an other saunas.


Small Wonderland Lake

is a cheerful spot where the quirky faun is known to rip off people’s clothes and sometimes even throw a sweaty one to the lake.


Aladdin’s Lea of Wonders

is a meadow that often turns into a Nomad city. Some come with yurts, some with tents, some with hammocks and some with hippie vans and wagons. They say hobbits visit the place at times to make sure the visitors take good care of the nature.

Capacity: Vast



is a place where guardians of Vango dwell and live their private lives. Home is always a good place to be at.


Rabbit Hole Hotel

hides inside a hill in the corner of Wonderland. During the wedding, the young couple loves to make a nest here, but it’s nice to celebrate being alone here at any time. In addition to the hotel room, you have your own kitchen and sauna.

Sleeps: One double bed.


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Getting here

When driving from Pärnu to the direction of Ikla: Drive straight on till you reach a sign pointing to the left showing Valga 126 km, Viljandi 78 km, Kilingi-Nõmme 30 km. Approx 8 km out of Pärnu. Make a left there and drive on approx. 18 km. You will then see a sign pointing to the right to Häädemeeste 24 km and Tallinn—Pärnu—Ikla mnt 23 km. Make a right there and continue driving for approx. 5,5 km till a bus stop called Vangu. Turn right to Wonderland after that bus stop.

When driving from Ikla to the direction of Pärnu: In Arumetsa turn right by the Circle K petrol station. There is a sign there pointing to right to Kilingi-Nõmme and Valga—Uulu mnt. Continue for 17 km. Turn left just before the Vangu bus stop.

Or just navigate to “Vango Holiday Village” on Google Maps.



Saarde Parish, Laiksaare Village

Pärnu County



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